Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Talk Moves in Kindergarten

One of the biggest focus in education right now (at least in my school district) is academic discussions. Having kids build upon their conversations with each other versus teacher to students discussions. Along comes Talk Moves that provide a guideline for students and teachers to keep the conversation going. It consist of: add-on, re-voice, restate, reasoning, wait time, and say more. It's not a 'new' thing, but it does give clear guidelines and reminders for teachers and students to use while having academic discussions and it makes us aware of what we are saying. I recreated the posters so it's student friendly with pictures to represent each Talk Move. I teach kindergarten and by the end of the year students are able to hold academic discussions with each other and use the posters to help them. You can have them here or click on the picture below.  It's been a long time, since I blogged, so if anyone is still reading my little blog, the first 3 people who comments with their email, I will send you the Talk Moves Posters. :)


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