Saturday, November 12, 2011

Thinking Maps for Kinders

I wanted my little students to become familiar with the Thinking Maps we use in the classroom, so I made these mini-posters to help them. The purpose is to help them (eventually) choose which Thinking Map they should use and know how it helps them organize their thinking and writing. Note: There are 7 total I made. The circle map doesn't contain a 'Frame of Reference' since I found that the 'Frame of reference is always the same - family, teacher, school, etc. I also chose to use the word Venn Diagram in lieu of Double Bubble - personal pet peeve of mine when (might as well teach them correctly the first time, so they don't move on to middle school still calling it a Double Bubble).  Click on the picture above to download. The font wasn't coming out correctly on scrib, so if you want the pdf file directly, just send me an email/comment. Happy Thinking!

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Skittles Sorting and Graphing

My students love sorting candy (who doesn't right?), so I created the Skittles Math. Students will review colors and sorting, then they will graph and add. Click on the picture above to grab a copy. Enjoy. Please leave a comment if you download it or considering following me. :)


I love my new container I got from Lowe's. I printed the labels and found little bird stickers to go on it too. I use it as extra storage for all the highlighters, paper clips, expos, etc. It's something that comes in handy when I need to locate more paper clips or post its. Ahhh..don't all teachers love organizations and containers! Can't get enough!