Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Give Away at Primary Princesses

Primary Princesses Primary Princesses is having a give away (Stella and Dot Brooch - After the Rain & 4 packs of decorative printer paper) to celebrate their blog. Stop by to join in on the fun and become a new follower (I know they'll love it if you do...because I love it when people follow too)! I've been reading too many Dr. Seuss rhyming books...

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Dr. Seuss Write the Room Freebie

I like the Write the Room from Can Do Kinders so much, I decided to make one with the lovable Thing 1 and Thing 2 themed clipart for March. Students practice counting from 11-20 and record their answer on the response sheet. Click here for the response sheet and here for the counting cards. Enjoy!

Friday, February 17, 2012

The Winner Is....

 Thank you everyone for participating in my very first giveaway and for introducing me to new bloggers! Congrats to Tammy...a fellow blogger and Pinterest Buddy! 

Friday, February 10, 2012

Celebrating 500 Pinterest Followers with a Target Giveaway!

Yay! I reached 500 Pinterest Followers (I spend way too much time on Pinterest and not enough on my neglected little blog)! Since I can't do a giveaway for my Pinterest Buddies, I would do one for my blogging buddies. Yup...for my 27 blogging buddies! (Initially, I thought I would wait until I reach 50 followers to do a Target giveaway, but Pinterest was just an excuse to celebrate.) Your odds of winning a $25 Target gift card is great! I simply appreciate every one of you who follow my little journey through KinderLand. This giveaway is a little way to say thank you (and to selfishly have an excuse to use that Random Generator thing and to figure out how to number comments).  Don't forget to leave your email, winner will be announced next Friday, Feb. 17th. To enter for a $25 Target Gift Card:

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Friday, February 3, 2012

Teaching Left and Right Through Dance

When I was at the Tinkerbell Half Marathon waiting at 4:00am (yes..you heard me, FOUR in the morning), there was a DJ keeping us company before the run. Now, usually I don't partake in the DJ dance/woohoo yell stuff..but since I was one for the early arrivals, I really had no choice. I lined danced to The Cupid Shuffle, and as I was line dancing (or aimlessly moving about) my teacher-mind told me this would be great for teaching Kinders left and right.

Here's how it works: the kids move to the left four time (all saying left, left, left, left), then they move to the right (right, right, right, right), then kick right, kick left, kick right, kick left). Finally the move 90 degrees to start all over again. It's kind of like the Electric Slide. The first time I tried this with my kids, they were human bowling pins (knocking into each other). Eventually they all went in the same direction (yay)! Below is probably a better explanation of what the dance looks like when kids do it (this is not my class, I youtube'd it to give you a better visual).