Monday, October 5, 2015

Currently in October

Im hooking up with Farley for October's Currently. 

LISTENING: I love hearing my pug snore! When I don't hear her,  it worries me that something is wrong. 

LOVING: Amazon Prime - that was until I saw my credit card charges (ALL WERE FROM AMAZON PRIME)!

THINKING: The school website has been a thorn in my side. I like making it, but it's hard when you spend all day teaching and then continue working from home (life of a teacher)

WANTING: An automatic stapler (Amazon Prime here I come again)...seriously, it must be a time saver!

NEEDING: I want my kinder team to be different color fairies or Where's Waldo so all 7 of us can go to the yard in the morning and scatter and confuse the kinder kids! muh-haa haa haa! 

BOO-TIFUL: All the rich fall colors are appearing on trees. They're pretty, until it falls off and I have to rake it up..drats!