Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Drive-In Movie Experience

Remember the good old times, when people drove their cars to watch a movie out in a large lot? To celebrate the end of the year with the Kindergartens (along with other students who completed the Math Challenges), the students were invited to a Drive-In Movie Experience. They decorated their own boxes and some were pretty darn cool, some cool cars had working headlights, car seats, seat belts, and car doors; it was a great way to bring families together for a student project. The students loved watching the movie (Phantom Tollbooth - which also had a boxcar and deals with math and words) and enjoyed popcorn and juice.  The best part was that each student had their own space and the popcorn was contain inside their cars.
 I highly recommend you have your own drive-in experience!

Monday, July 9, 2012

Target is a Dangerous Place for Teachers!

Hi, Im a teacher..and I may be what some people call "a teacher hoarder."  I can't help it! I went in to buy travel sized bottles and came out with 3 bags full of teaching supplies. I made a point of walking with my eyes focused straight ahead (knowing that the Dollar Section is the first thing I would see), but out of the corner of my eye...I SAW IT! DR. SEUSS is back!!! and just my luck, they also had containers galore! I quickly grabbed a basket cart, to stock up for Read Across America for March 2013. 
Okay, I also found these cuties...wonder what I should do with them..
Target is a dangerous place for teachers.