Thursday, October 17, 2013

What's Brewing in Science? The Science of Halloween

My school decided to have a Halloween Alcove contest. Each teacher or team was to create anything they wanted around the theme of Halloween using project-based learning techniques. My room partner and I chose Halloween Science and the kids had a BLAST! We made slimy glow worms and atomic slime! We investigated the properties of dry ice and created apple soda with dry ice. (Winning class gets a  pizza party and the teacher gets $30 to any place I want..opps, I mean the winning teacher wants. :) I'll post ideas from the other classes too, my school has amazing creative (competitive teachers)!

Panoramic View of Alcove:

There are 5 cauldrons, each labeled with the 5 sense and the 'bubbles' are adjective the students came up with. The 6th cauldron was for fun Halloween words. 
Count Dracula

"Scientist use the 5 sense: sight, smell, touch, taste, hearing. Count all the Halloween vocabulary words we know! 1, 2, 3, 4, ah, ah, ah! 5, 6, 7, ah, ah ah! Underneath him are dead science theories: Earth was once flat, Pluto as a planet...
Haunted House with pictures of our science adventures. The small buttons are Talk Points. When pushed, you would hear the students talk about what they observed (think Staples' "That was easy" kind of a button). 
Hook: A question that gets students excited about they they will learn about. Gets them to discuss ideas.  Guided Questions: What we refer back to as we conduct out science investigations. 


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