Monday, August 5, 2013

How I Line Up my Kinders + FREEBIE

Okay, once again, I've been a bad blogger, but to make it up for you I've place a new Freebie on TPT (for a limited time).

I've always assign my students a number based on my class roster. My students are required to line up alphabetically for lunch, and lets face's a nightmare for the first few weeks in Kindergarten. To curb this problem, I created Ten Frame Number Cards, laminated and taped them to the floor. Each student also has a name tag with their name and corresponding number. They learn that that is their spot and there ins't any arguments for who is first. (I'll take pictures later.) It's also great for emergencies if students must immediately evacuate the classroom without chaos. We practice getting into our line spots the fastest and safest way before leaving the classroom. Within a few weeks, most of my students are able to tell me all of their friends numbers and place them in order. This year, I decided to make them into ten frames based on suggestions from colleagues. They will be listed as FREE on TPT for a week (until August 9). I'd appreciate it if you follow my TPT or blog and leave any feedback. Click on the picture below to be sent TPT.


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