Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Coolest Teacher Gift

One of my parents surprised me with the CUTEST flowers ever! She knows how much I love animals, so when I saw this dog bouquet, I nearly flipped! How cute is this?! Of course, I wanted to look to see how it was made so I can recreate this gift for others.

Looks pretty easy:
1. Cut flowers into different lengths (longer for tail and head, medium for body, and short for legs).
2. Place them strategically into foam (which is hidden by a basket, some sticks should and can be placed at angles) to create the dog.
3. Cover flower stems with leaves.
4. Glue goggle eyes, pom pom nose, bent pipe cleaner for mouth/tongue, and for a girlie dog little gems in the ears!
5. Optional: Place candy or other goodies around the dog.


  1. Cool!!! This is better than a traditional bouquet.

  2. This was a bouquet that was fit especially for you.

  3. Hi stranger!! Just wanted to say hi and hope all is well. Big hugs from Berlin XOXO

    1. BTW - think you could customize the bouquet for a shade of brown and a pug face? :)