Sunday, April 15, 2012

Furry Friend Linky Party

Soaring Through Second Grade is having a Furry Friend Linky Party. Im excited because this is my very first Linky Party. Also, if you join as a new follower, she'll donate (up to $50.00 a 4-legged charity) and she's having a give-away! To make this teaching related (as teachers always have to do), you need to say what your furry friend has taught you. Click the link above to join the fun. I LOVE any excuse to showcase my puggie!

That's right..#1 Pug!
Chloe was my class mascot when I taught 4th/5th grade and she definitely united us as a class family. We called ourselves "Pugsters!" She definitely tied us all into a true classroom community. (FYI: She loves playing dress-up..anything for a cookie.)
Puggie Pawter was her Halloween costume. 
Chloe has taught me to slow down and enjoy living in the moment.  She has unconditional love (well - she'll have unconditional love for anyone who has cheese). She has also taught me never to give you ask? Well, she'll beg incessantly until she gets what she wants..(i.e. cheese). I obsessively love my  pug!


  1. My favorite, the Polynesian Pug. I can here the drums and see her dancing.

  2. Rumour has it that Chloe isn't the best role model for teaching the kiddos how to share ;)

  3. #1 Pug is right!!!! Cutest one I've ever seen!!! I love the idea of having a dog as a mascot! Were you allowed to bring her into school with you!?!?! :) Thanks for sharing Chloe!!!

    1. Yes, Chloe was allowed to come to school (she was pooped by the end - I never knew a pug to be 'pet' to the point of exhaustion. We even had tee-shirts made with her picture on it and took class pictures with her in the middle. Yes...I am that crazy.

  4. I adore pugs! I have a little black one and he is just nuts but is the apple of my eye:) Your pug is just beautiful!
    Mrs. Sheehan

  5. I just linked up my little black pug:) Yes, you can pin anything on my blog:) I've never had anything pinned from my blog, I'd be so honored!!
    Mrs. Sheehan

  6. I love pugs and wish I had one. You must read the following two pug inspired books: Pug Hill and Unloveanble

    Chickadee Jubilee